It’s Christmas Day tekst

[Verse 1: Jake Paul]
It’s everyday bro, on my Christmas Day flow
5 mill’ on presents in 3 days, never done before
Slayed all the competition man, Santa Claus is next
Man, I’m reppin’ all these gifts, bought my mom a Rolex
And it matched the bracelet too and I’m comin’ with the crew
We the Team 10 elves, who the hell are frickin’ you?
And you know I give them coal, if the internet troll
Yeah, I’m checkin’ the list
Yeah, I’m checkin’ it twice
Like it when she naughty tho’
Like it when she nice
Like I’m hangin’ from the house, man
All I got this ice
Career lookin’ like one minute rice
Career lookin’ like Santa Paul gave you life
Watch your best friends too
'Cause when I hit it twice
Ohio’s where I’m from, my Christmas is breadcrumbs
Now it’s Phantoms everyday in the Cali’ sun
I plugged the merch for fun, it sells out on day one
And on your Christmas list, Jake Paul is number one

[Chorus: Jake Paul]
It’s Christmas Day bro
It’s Christmas Day bro
It’s Christmas Day bro
I said it’s Christmas Day bro!

[Verse 2: Nick Crompton]
You know it’s Nick Crompton and my Santa suit poppin’
I’m the British Santa and these gifts stay droppin’
London is my country
Team 10 reindeer bring them money
Deliverin’ gifts like the Energizer bunny
To all of my hunnies

[Verse 3: Chance Sutton]
They know I got that money
They know I got a hunny
Out here killin’ like I’m Bundy
This game ain’t freakin’ funny
Bitch, I’m buyin’ gifts
I ain’t never wrappin’ shit
Like Cindy, who? Grinch, who the heck are you?
I’m Santa in the store
Kids are breakin’ down the door
Yellin’, „Please give me some more, MORE, MOOOORE!”

[Verse 4: Anthony Trujillo]
Saint Nick, bring the bunnies
Saint Nick, bring the money
Nick, on the Lambo sleigh
These haters in the way
I just say, „okay”
Yeah we do this everyday, every morning, every night
It’s Christmas Day bro
But it’s Team 10 for life
If you don’t like the clique
We can have a snowball fight, tonight

[Chorus: Jake Paul]
It’s Christmas Day bro
It’s Christmas Day bro
It’s Christmas Day bro
I said it’s Christmas Day bro!

[Verse 5: Jerry Purpdrank]
I gave yo’ girl my gift
But spent no dough on that present
Always got my team back
You can shit eleven
Talkin’ shit on every move
You ain’t learnin’ no lessons
Got a new whip before Christmas
I can see why you aggressive
You talkin’ it
We doin’ it
Deliver it, like Santa
You see us, then you switchin’ up your lit
Just like Hanna
I see you sleepin’ on us
You still got on your pajamas
Just watch me take off in that two-toe sled like a panda

[Chorus: Jake Paul]
It’s Christmas Day bro
It’s Christmas Day bro
It’s Christmas Day bro
I said it’s Christmas Day bro!

[Verse 6: Erika Costell]
Yo, it’s Tricky Rick
Got the competition flipped
These elves up on me
When Santa dips, I dip, we dip
He tryna get the cookies
He ain’t messin’ with the rookie
North Pole is my home
Got a candy cane phone
Sleigh flyin’ like a drone
Reindeer bought, goes on loan
Yeah, I smell good
Is that Christmas tree cologne?

[Verse 7: Jake Paul]
Is that Christmas tree cologne?
Jingle Paulin’
Home alone
Now I’m in my Christmas zone
Yes, they all gifted me
But, don’t grant for free
Only rock merch by me
And they ask me what I bake
Christmas cake, cake, cake
Always plug, merch link in bio
And I will see you on the 26th, ’cause
It’s Christmas Day bro

nagranie It’s Christmas Day

It’s Christmas Day

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